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NorthShoreDroneServices.com offers Aerial Drone Photography and Videography Services throughout the North Shore of Massachusetts and the Mount Washington Valley area of New Hampshire.

We are registered with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA#: FA3AM9MNXT) and we are approved and hold the FAA required sUAS Pilot Certification (section 107) for conducting Commercial Aerial Operations.  We maintain libility insurance up to $1,000,000 underwritten by Global Aerospace, Inc.

Our drones can capture 4K videos at up to 30 frames per second and up to 20 megapixel photos.

Additionally, on a case-by-case basis, we can provide our service to other New England states, including Vermont, Connecticut, Rhode Island and

Examples of our photos can be seen at:

Jay Burnham Photography

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Services include:

Residential Real Estate Photography/Videography
Drones are changing the world. Make your listing stand out with spectacular
photography and video. Not only can aerial photography show the entire scope
of a property but it can also demonstrate the advantages of its location.

Commercial Real Estate Photography/Videography
Allowing future residents or prospective developers the ability to visually
observe a property from an aerial perspective can help engage them and
enable them to visualize their future home or development potential.

Home, Roof, Building and Tower Inspection

Site Inspections, Land Survey and Progress Monitoring

Area Mapping


We work with: 

                  • Realtors
                  • architects
                  • attorneys
                  • home inspectors
                  • police and fire departments
                  • builders
                  • land developers
                  • insurance appraisers and claims adjusters
                  • landlords
                  • property managers
                  • schools and universities
                  • municipalities
                  • public and private clubs
                  • news outlets
                  • outdoor event planners
                  • landscaping contractors
                  • estate appraisers
                  • private homeowners.


Drone Aerial Photography Prices:

Our drone aerial photography prices vary according to different factors such as location, complexity, duration, editing, and other possible factors specific to the requested task.

Price Package Examples:

Package #1
Aerial Photography. 10 high resolution images from
different angles and altitudes.
Total: $250.00


Package #2
Aerial Filming. 10 high resolution images from different angles and altitudes.
Up to 5 minutes of unedited video.
Total: $350.00


Package #3
Aerial Filming. 10 high resolution images from different angles and altitudes.
Video editing and processing to create a 2-4 minute video with background
music and including beginning and ending credits with client's logo/artwork.
Total: $650.00

Call Direct to Schedule a Drone:

(978) 578-5590

"The sky is no longer the limit." 

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Information Needed: Please be prepared to provide us with: (1) The address of the location to be photographed and/or filmed. (2) If you have a specific event you wished photographed/filmed, what is the date? (3) Are you interested in aerial photos or video or both? (4) How will you be using the photos/video...personal, business, online, etc? After initial contact, we will provide you with a price proposal within 48 hours and upon acceptance the drone session will be scheduled.

Terms: All service requests begin with a pre-inspection survey in order to confirm that we can meet the client's requirements.  Payment terms to be agreed upon in advance of commencement of each project. We reserve the right to reject any locations that would violate any FAA airspace regulations or local ordinances.